How to Register with iPage and Setup a WordPress Website

iPage Hosting is one the best hosting I’ve ever found on the Internet. It has a full featured hosting but cheapest price at the same time. When I was registering at such a cheap price, I thought that iPage won’t be like awesome others who sell hosting on higher pricing but its really amazing to know that a complete and concrete hosting account comes with only $1.89 per month.

Here is few tips to register and create your own website or blog using worpdress through iPage hosting panel.

No. 1 : Registering with iPage
Registration doesn’t take longer as in just a couple of minutes you would get your own hosting account.
Simply Visit iPage Hosting here and click the “Sign Up Now” button.

You’ll see the page like below:

How to register with iPage

Just enter your new domain name i.e (Remember no need to put www because its already written there!

Just click on the “Check Availability” Button.
You’ll be taken to below page to fill up the contact details, and billing information.

How to register with iPage

Remember to remove checks from the check boxes which are not required (I generally register with no checks in the check boxes however, it depends upon your needs).

Now press the “Check Out” button and you’ll be taken to your hosting account page.

Visit iPage and Register Now

No.2: Login to your control panel

Customers can log in to their control panel from our homepage or from their confirmation email with the login information they received by email. We also have a new feature where they can choose to login with their existing Google credentials, so they don’t need to remember a new username and password each time.


No. 3: Configure WordPress

As soon as customers log in, they will be asked to create a WordPress account and we walk them through the steps to configure that account. You’ll notice there are 3 steps to this: Setup, Install and Launch! Their website will be ready and live in MINUTES!


No. 4 : Select a Theme

Included exclusively with the WP Essential hosting package are 9 preloaded FREE WordPress themes. Customers will also have access to additional WordPress Themes from Mojo Marketplace within their control panel.

Once the theme is set, the customer can also take a look at some of the preloaded plugins for WordPress Essential users. This is also where customers set up their widgets, pages and posts.


If you go back to the iPage vDeck control panel, you’ll notice 3 main icons on the home screen for the WordPress Essential plan. I’ll explain each of them in next stages.

No. 5: SiteLock

SiteLock is a $99 value included FREE, only with the WordPress Essential plan. SiteLock protects your website from fraud and malware, while speeding up its performance for visitors. This advanced security helps to block malicious traffic and scans daily for other harmful threats, immediately removing any that it finds.


No. 6: Web Cache Settings

We’ve learned from our customers that site speed is very important to them, and that’s why we are providing these Web Cache settings with our WordPress Essential package. Our adaptive technology automatically adjusts for space based on site activity, so common issues like traffic spikes are no problem.


Plus, we threw in a content delivery network and a super-fast caching layer. To top it all off, we’ve placed a limited amount of customers on each server, giving your site room to grow.


No. 7 : Additional WordPress Themes

When customers click on the WordPress Themes icon, they are taken to the Mojo Marketplace where they can browse through additional one-click installs.


No. 8: QuickStart Menu

Tucked up at the top of the control panel is a quick start menu where customers can manage their domains, email mailboxes and use our site editor.

Visit iPage and Register Now

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