Web Hosting Purchase Guide

Key Points to consider before making a purchase with any host

Apparantly below are common features and factors those have to be considered before purchasing website hosting:

Web Host Features

  1. Company Age/Authentication
  2. Number of Clients
  3. Servers Uptime
  4. Technical Team Expertise
  5. Support & Response Time
  6. Company Reviews

Always authenticate the hosting company by checking its age, current users/clients, any reviews, location of company itself and their servers location, Technical team’s expertise, their uptime and sales plus technical support. It is very common that small hosting companies launch their websites with good features and cheap prices to attract visitors and have clientage however, once they get good number of clients, they sell the entire company in healthy amount to new host with new ownership those implement later the new policies regarding everything. They generally raise prices and you don’t have option to leave or change the host unless you have technical expertise to transfer everything wisely. So, be sure to authenticate hosting company with points written in the first line.

Company’s location and the Servers location also matter when it comes to certain features. For example, if you are located in US, you probably want swift response and physical approach to your hosting company for any conflicts or service issues. So, you probably need a company which is located right near to you. Then the servers location which is of the higher significance because it reflects spead of your website loading. If the servers are lcoated in a region where they can perform better, or certain regions are renowned because of their servers performance, so you probably need to buy from the same.

Web Hosting Features

Now we shall talk about the service itself after we have authenticated ownership of any host. These features determine your website spead, promotion and even sales if your site is an ecommerce. These features and key points are mentioned below for your assistance:

  1. Reviews – First make a list of top 10 hosting companies by browsing the Internet.
  2. Pricing – Always check for the cheap prices with similar hosting features.
  3. Uptime – Server uptime matters in availability and presence of your web pages whenever visitor tries to reach.
  4. Technical Support – Technical support should ensure rapid solutions to your website/hostig issues.
  5. Bandwidth – Unlimited bandwidth or bandwidth with wide span coverage leads to accommodate more users.
  6. Storage – Be sure to consider online storage if your business/website requires files storage.
  7. Backup – Backup ensure there is no loss of the data in case of any problem with the website.
  8. Security – Antivirus, anti-spam and the firewalls protect your hosting from threats.
  9. Add Ons – Add On feature extends your capability to host multiple websites/domains on a single hosting.
  10. Ecommerce – Online shopping features are nowadays necessary if you plan to launch ecomm website now or the later.
  11. Cpanel – Cpanel hosting is the most powerful and featured hosting, so always check for the same.
  12. Apps – Certains apps and plugins features facilitates additional capabilities to your websites.
  13. CMS – Content Management Systems like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc are most common to build CMS website.
  14. Site Builder – This features helps you to build website at your own with drag and drop features.
  15. Advertising Credits – Hostinng companies generally offer ad credites as complimetantary that helps free promotions.
  16. Domain benefits – Domain benefits mean a Free domain or the Cheap Registration package on renewals.
  17. Unlimited Features – Many hosts offer unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storages, unlimited addon domains etc.

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