VPS Vs Dedicated Server Hosting

Information technology is progressing by leaps and pounds and there are very frequent upgrading in every aspect of the computers and Information technology.

One of the very prominent and the significant topic among these I.T enhancements is the Internet and the Internet is all about websites and the servers which host them. As soon as the usage of Internet became greater, Internet technologies started thinking about capacities where they can improve web hosting performance and can reduce web hosting cost.

Shared Hosting Scenario

For all personal websites including static and the dynamic, a shared hosting concept is quite of recommendations. This is because, the usage of bandwidth and the storage, both remains limited however, once the traffic increases and the website requires to host more records through a bit heavy storage, any other web solutions are required.

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Virtual Private Server (VPS)

In this situation, Internet technology provides two options where we can accommodate more traffic through the increase of bandwidth and can store more records on the Internet servers. One of the two options is a Virtual Private Server (VPS) where the hosting is still shared but the particular website has a kind of separate compartment within the same server. The compartment is actually isolated from other websites on the same server through digital technology (VPS) and rest of the users can’t affect either traffic or the storage of this peculiar website. The core benefit of this type of server is revealed when any customer needs a bit of enhanced hosting features like a virtually separate storage and a kind of devoted bandwidth @ a just a few more charges. The price of VPS server hosting is yet much differential and lesser than the dedicated servers but still have capability to provide dedicated server type services up to some extent.


Dedicated Server Scenario

Dedicated Web HostingThe second best option by Internet technologies for hosting a website and its data records is a dedicated server hosting for bulk data storage and unlimited and dedicated bandwidth. The dedicated server hosting is only required when you have numerous records, huge traffic on the site and that you are running some special software on you website. This sort of hosting is not pretty cheap hosting but a somewhat expensive hosting on the Internet. In the all, if the website produces huge traffic and makes more sales then, the cost for hosting website over a dedicated server host becomes in-expensive and cheaper instead.


Eventually, a decent and cheap hosting is what which is indeed selected as per the website and or the online business requisites. If you have been successful in evaluating your website hosting needs, a web host for you becomes very cheap and best host in all scenarios.

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