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Linux and Windows were made to present the same purpose of computers operating software however, they indeed are two entirely different operating systems. Windows was presented by the world renowned name “Microsoft” and comes under strict licensing from Microsoft. On the other hand, Linux is an open source operating system which requires no licensing and the licensing fee etc. For your further understanding as you might not be a computer terms adept, open source means a software is free for usage, development, and up-gradation if anyone can bring to it.

Windows Web Hosting

Windows web hosting means, the host or the hosting provider is actually using Microsoft Windows as their operating system platform for the hosting of your websites and databases. Since we have already learned that Microsoft Windows requires paid licensing which means one license is required for each computer we use. At Hosting provider end, this operating system is a Windows Server to serve hosting requisites.

Cost for Windows Web Hosting

Windows web hosting is expense than the Linux due to the fact that it swallows a big amount of money on its licensing and many other stuff which supports it like firewall, database software etc.

Windows Web Hosting Supports?

Microsoft Windows web hosting generally requires software from Microsoft so, if we opt to use Windows hosting, we have to use Microsoft Access or SQL Server as our database management system. Web language ASP (Active Server Pages) are only supported by Windows Hosting platform and not by the Linux. So, users of ASP language, have to choose Windows as the web hosting panel.

Windows Hosting Security and Reliability

Windows Hosting Servers requires updates, and maintenance so they tend to be shut down for a while for the kind of maintenance. This means they have lesser Up-Time for your websites hosting.

Window Hosting Servers Speed

Since Windows servers have to run many software and patches from Microsoft, their servers tend to operate slow than the Linux Servers.

Linux Web Hosting

Linux web hosting means that we are using Linux Server and the Linux Operating system for the hosting of our websites, databases etc.

Cost on Linux Web Hosting

Linux web hosting is much cheaper than the Windows Hosting because in comparison with Windows, Linux don’t expends money on licensing and many other stuff. Many scripts like CGI/PERL are absolutely free available on the Internet which possess greater functionality for different web-based modules, are greatly supported by Linux Web Host.

Linux Hosting Supports?

Unlike Windows Hosting, Linux Hosting supports many of the Microsoft software specially the Microsoft Front page. So, people who uses Microsoft Front page for the creation of their web pages, can easily host their pages to Linux Hosting Servers. Linux hosting also serve CGI and PERL very delightedly and requires no extra costs.

Linux Web Hosting Security and Reliability

Linux operating system even being open source, has been proven as a pretty secure platform. It has also been awarded as the most reliable hosting platform which means it seldom tend to crash comparing to Windows Hosting.

Linux Hosting Servers Speed

Linux Hosting servers are faster than Windows Hosting Servers however, for understanding the fact and figures, we have to go into technical details which might not be valuable to you.

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