How to Compare Cheap Web Hosting

There are numerous web hosting companies claiming and providing cheap web hosting services but it’s always very tough and crucial to find the best one for our needs. However, through the use of search engine, we are able to browse as many hosting firms as many we can but again the matter stands still what web host should be relied among the big list?

I am just sharing a decent experience and recent practices made by experienced people and that is to use the social media as well for comments and reviews from users. For example, a facebook page may also be helpful when you’ll find some of your friends or family members using the same host and having some good or bad experience. If there are more votes to host’s credibility with lesser in its shortfalls may lead to going ahead with the same host.

Besides social media platforms, a review website is also a powerful source of comparing certain web hosts for their features like reliability, pricing, storage, bandwidth and service up time etc. They more likely give a good glimpse of host’s history with brief details of all corn and proses on their behavior in support and product authenticity.

Below is a checklist that would be helpful when going for hosting comparison:

Cheap Hosting Checklist

In addition and in the light of above-mentioned checklist, I strongly suggest to opt for web hosting below which is pretty cheap, easy going, full featured and adopted by most of the webmasters.

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