Small business hosting features

Are you running small business?

Are you confused about best hosting for your business?

Many businessmen want to know about better hosting for their business.

When you become online retailer/wholesaler you must have secured hosting. Some hosting companies are providing SSL (Secured Sockets layer) certificate which is compulsory for any E commerce website.

There are many companies selling hosting with different features and plans. If you want to grow your sales online you should use hosting which enable WordPress integration. Because in wordpress you can integrate WOOCOMMERCE plugin. Details are given below:

Features of WOCOMMERCE

  • Fully E-commerce system plugin.
  • Inventory management system enabled.
  • Order management system enabled.
  • Email alert enabled.
  • CRM (customer relationship management).
  • PayPal, COD (cash on delivery) enabled.

Pricing and Plans:

In the beginning of business people doesn’t have much budget to purchase expensive hosting.

So I’m sharing my views about best , secured , and cheap hosting which is best for your business. Visit bluehost here

Four types of hosting are categorized:

  1. VPS (Virtual private Server) hosting:

In VPS a physical machine is divided into many virtual parts, and server software install on this hosting which  enable it to every hosted website.

These websites gets proper functionality like others.

  1. Shared Web hosting:

In shared hosting all the resources are equally shared to each website hosted on this server. In short, a combine family living in a house sharing all things with everyone but having different rooms, means they couldn’t have access to others personal data.

Every website can be take CPU time and memory in different manners.

  1. Dedicated hosting:

Dedicated Hosting in a simple words, you buy a house and have a complete access to every resource to your own home, no one else have access to your resources.

So, same dedicated server do. You buy your own dedicated hosting and get complete access to your all resources.

  1. Cloud hosting.

In cloud hosting bunch of servers work together and host many websites to handle high traffic.

Main factors are including in hosting categories are given below, must take under consideration when you are going to purchase any type of hosting.

  1. Server Resources
  2. Performance
  3. Security
  4. Pricing
  5. Server Administration
  6. Scalability

So, in the begging I suggest you to buy a VPS hosting from BLUEHOST which comparatively cheaper than other categories and hosting, which will suits you financially.

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